Their Bodies in a Fog

by arrange

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Annie Tran
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Annie Tran Another arrange album! Yes! Favorite track: Say You Will.
ChristelleMarie Chua
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ChristelleMarie Chua Dreamy, monotone, like my world is in black and white and blues -- in a good way. Favorite track: Home.
jon & liam
jon & liam thumbnail
jon & liam Lacey certainly wears his heart on his sleeve, this is one of the most earnest albums I’ve heard for a long time. But it never becomes too much, presumably because, as the listener, we feel that he’s telling the truth. The angst on show is real and sincere, and I think we can all relate to that.
Jackson Phinney
Jackson Phinney thumbnail
Jackson Phinney amazing record, great addition to the orchid tapes catalog. unique style, great production; keeps growing on me too. Favorite track: Home.
Ryan Daniel King
Ryan Daniel King thumbnail
Ryan Daniel King completely captivating, beautiful and haunting. Favorite track: Home.
Jeremy / HI54LOFI
Jeremy / HI54LOFI thumbnail
Jeremy / HI54LOFI There's a heaviness to the songs, but there is also a lightness to them. Makes you feel like you're in one of those lowly lit, dialogue-less scenes in a movie (you know… the one where they're slowly starting their day while silently emoting that they're thinking about some serious shit). Favorite track: Stranger.
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A Fog 01:19
they left the cold in you try to figure it out your heart’s a strong thing that you’ve learned nothing about you struggle with a name you’ve given up with your own but you’ve adapted to it you’ve seen a suffering home
Home 04:55
Eighty times Like you want it If you’ve got the best of you then how come you’re haunted Never said it before You don’t really know What you want But you want it from us Oh how you know now to say that “you’ve got it” they see their father’s eyes they see their father’s eyes when the sun comes up he promises that they’ll be alright Wild winter Pure snow Hiding above the lake where no one should ever go I want to learn it all Feel the words like I know I could I want to see this faith And walk through clean as if I understood Eighty times Like you wanted If you’ve got the best of you then how come you’re haunted? Never said it before they see their father’s eyes they see their father’s eyes when the sun comes up he promises that they’ll be alright
Stranger 04:13
I’ve built myself around What I can’t bare to claim I’ve painted over all the walls But they still seem the same I sit withered in the box, sit withered alone I held a friend from coming back I told him I didn’t know This was never anything The idea that I could be Wholly reduced from the bottom of everything I felt foreign in my own hands Convinced that I’m not a man that could righteously forgive like he ought to be
Dream 02:17
they say you’re older you’re stronger but you say you can’t stop what you feel you can’t help how you feel you couldn’t be if you wanted to be they say you’re stronger you’re older you could be what you need you could be what you need you could be if you wanted to be
Time 02:26
i shape my skin in ways that i take a self conditional phase again i hold on and turn on and shape things that i mean before i descend down the hole back for it all i’ll shape the wrong things learn the right things in some time
this is where i found out i was the boiling of the hate in my gut that i would have to learn to distrust this is where i found out my gun was filled up with a hate that i loved the echo of a boy who won't trust you are incredible i've seen you before and you don't even know you held me accountable i knew it before and it won't even show sift through the guards I take i’ve been wondering where I’ll go i’ve been fighting and when the clouds overrun me still i’ll be wondering where I’ll go and why I’m fighting
Movement 02:36
the subtle sound of my losing i wanted to be alright my baby follows my movements he tells me it'll be fine
Dark Rooms 03:12
your presence lingers like caramel and beer stuck on your breath we were alone reminded of you in nervous shakes we feel in dark rooms they go away
For Ma 02:05
we can understand why you’d form your hands into violent shapes that maim and break that maim and break it’s seems impossible to be out of control the learning’s hard to find it takes some time it takes some time
Say You Will 03:11
Teach me to be by the lines in your cloths teach me to speak like the wind in the dark i will be gone of the dark I will be done sat center in the fall of a gather up remaining pieces of this dark month say you will be with it again i can never breathe when you say it next to me say you will you’ll make it in say you will you’ll make it all right do the thing you’re making it right here tonight you’re right here tonight


The music on this release was recorded between October 2011 and February 2014.


released March 4, 2014

Mastered by Warren Hildebrand


all rights reserved



arrange Portland, Oregon

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