Quiet State

by arrange

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released January 11, 2011



all rights reserved


arrange Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Nothing Today
Will I make a sound again?
You shot out my eyes
With guns strapped in

If I could escape I would you see
But the walls are too high and I’m too deep

Here on the ground
It’s soft and warm
I mull over things I won’t forget
Like how you turned myself to bits

I'm going home (x5)
Track Name: Staring at the Ceiling
I smiled before I died in the street
Stuck underneath his truck for a couple of weeks

Staining the ground with the drip from my mouth
It pools and dries before I ask you about this lack of sleep I get most nights
Stuck here like my friend in that van
Just tear off my limbs
I think you know where I am
You say you know where I am
Will you pull me up?
Track Name: Marker Smell
You remind me of marker smell
my heart aint got no home
how can you pour it inside of me?
It's just something that I know
Will probably take a couple weeks
Track Name: Lude (Sticks)
When I believe that I’m not someone else
Maybe then I can I feel like everybody else
When I believe that I’m not someone else
I only wish that I were someone else

My god isn’t safe in your place anymore
I stopped when you stopped looking out through my door
Making faces that display I’m okay
I’m all on the ceiling
Will you crawl out of my way