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released July 12, 2011

music by: Malcom Lacey
mastered by: Drew Harris

"His unassuming vocals quiver and crack with emotion, giving the impression not of a person who can't feel, but of one who must be cautious of feeling too much. That's a common symptom of being a teenager, which Lacey is. So it's extra-impressive that Plantation never goes over the top. Instead, this highly personalized fusion of dark indie-pop and laptop ambient taps into volatile wellsprings of longing, resentment, and fear with controlled intensity." - Pitchfork [7.7], Brian Howe

"Plantation unfolds itself song by song much like a film does scene by scene. And also much like a movie, the listener discovers something previously unnoticed (and therefore unappreciated) with each replay. Thus, Malcolm Lacey has achieved with Plantation what most artists cannot in a career: to create an album that betters itself with each listen." - Lost In The Sound [97/100], Jeff Wilde

"A self-released solo affair from artist Malcolm Lacey, Plantation, is truly an album of vivid, heartbreak- quite possibly one of the most beautifully tragic albums since The Antlers’ Hospice." - Fake Plastic Tunes, Fr. Jones



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arrange Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Tiny Little Boy
I'm a kid
Held by smaller words
"Tiny Little Boy" with his suitcase packed
I've been struggling
pulling brains apart
just lacking decent skill or patience
'cause I'm built of hate
Track Name: When'd You Find Me?
Thinking of you today almost had me right back at tears
Seems just a hint of your face was enough to bring back my fears
been putting you out like the trash that you are
with weekly pickup on wednesdays

then head home take a pill, fall asleep for a month, and wake up with a new face

goddamn these thoughts
and goddamn these people that remind me of you
and goddamn the heart attacks
every single one of them I wish you'd go through
I've been told it's good for me to cry but I can't
the thought doesn't register
I put power in you then try to take it away
but it proves too impossible
Track Name: Turnpike
Burning away
I’ve been burning away
Half of today has spent just
Burning away

Blackened lungs
Dry from the smoke that expelled from his gun
Standing on the turnpike
Ready to run towards the boulevard

Light myself on fire
I don’t want to be desired
The way that I was when I was stuck in your head
The way that I was when you were out in the dead night

Burning away
I’ve been burning away
Half of today has spent been on your lawn
Burning away
Track Name: Tearing Up Old Asphalt
We were young
Kept runnin our mouths til he tore out our tongues
Didn’t hurt like anything
Still can’t feel much of anything

When will it go?
I don’t know
When will it go?
I don’t know
Track Name: Veins
Dirty face
and worn out veins
I see you're away

I'll let you hit me with that spike in your fist if it'll
moderate the pain

I'm not lost
I'm capable of being someone

Dirty face
and worn out veins
I see you're away

I'll let you hit me with that spike in your fist if it'll
re-arrange my brain
Track Name: Medicine Man
I am a medicine man
Bring me your colors and I’ll fix them for you
When in the ground you said “I’m Sorry”
Ripped into pieces
I am not okay with this she says

Your hands are on my thighs again
Do I posses the strength
To tear off half your face
Before you do me in

I’m not a medicine man
Don’t bring me your colors just to fix them
When in the ground you said you’re sorry