New Memory

by arrange

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released July 10, 2012


All tracks arranged, written, and recorded by Malcom Lacey. Additional vocals on "Caves" by Lady Lazarus.

Mastered by Drew Harris

Artwork designed by Malcom Lacey with photograph courtesy of Sam Ray


"New Memory is consistent with prior albums in its methods of imparting restrained turmoil and distressed beauty. Tenderly pulsing soft synths gravitate toward near-vocal timbres. Their fluent eloquence is a rather ingenious way for Lacey to offset his halting manner of confession and the dignified limp of his rhythm programming." - [7.8 - Pitchfork - Brian Howe]

"On New Memory we can see Lacey’s got that attitude. These ten ethereal and slow burning jams are his paean to PMA. It sounds like something he could call home." - [ 83% - InYourSpeakers - Thomas Sullivan]



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arrange Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Ivory Pt. 1
you held me in the morning sun
i felt the warmth of your hands flow through me
and everything I'd ever known
won't cast doubt on these hands that hold me

believe please in the words I say
i know you doubt but we all do some days
try to repeat them in your mind
"we'll be alright"
Track Name: And My Hands Denied Me My Right
i feel the weight again of a pull that tries my head
i know that i could try but i bend and bend and bend
i hear your screams at night through the halls of my new home
i could move a thousand miles away but you'd follow me along

i feel that the earth and the ground and life
that i hold could drift out of my hands
to become an abyss that could swallow me whole
if i don't understand why it is
Track Name: Caves
my hands are porous things filled up by anything
they know the way to go but haven't had the chance to show them
filled up by tiny rings and holding up by old strings
they fill with anything
with love how they find it all
Track Name: Where I Go At Night
i'd like to speak with you today
i've been searching for years and all i've got to hear you say
is how you hurt so much and how you blame yourself
but i hurt some too and i know that you need help
if i could take it all
if i could take your burden off of you
i would if i could
Track Name: North
we felt a lot coming back from the island where we were bound
feeling ripped about ourselves and how we'd go along

seeing a sister and seeing a brother that i had loved for years just fall
becoming a person that i had loathed
that i had found couldn't speak at all

i won't become myself undone
i've learned that i'm important to someone
Track Name: When We Saw
we saw clouds spread out like skin across the sky
they were spread like him and i

we had packed our bags and headed towards our home
just a u-haul trailer and his dogs

when i
when i
feel like blankets under stones
he'll be there to pick them up
always there to help me up

when i
when i
feel my mind pull towards alone
and the demons rush out and my bones get cold
and i fear my god's gone home
he'll be there to pick me up
always there to help me find a way to never lay near
or give life to the hate i keep within

we saw clouds spread out like skin across the sky
they were spread like him and I
Track Name: Ivory Pts. 2 + 3
look at me
i'll guide your hands
i write in ink
words you command

and one day i'll learn how to share
then we can talk about all my fears
Track Name: New Memory
it's not just my bones that i hold / i am growing / i will grow out of my own
my hands will feel the weight that they carry / and i'll go past just
understanding this sadness i burry inside / my home radiating love / i feel
sometimes that i could reach up and grab it / past my own insecurities and
rage to forgive what i've done and what the people i love have done / i know
that knowing i won't forget leaves me weak but i'll try to focus on the strength
that most days hides underneath / i can't create a new person but i'll create
new memories / ones that i'll hold deep within to remind myself / there may
be a pull from a force i haven't outgrown but I too have the force and strength
to move on / that there may be a pull from a force i have known but i too have
the force and the strength to move on
Track Name: Sides [Bonus Track]
disembodied kids
telling me why I
telling me that I don’t amount to anything at all

staring at my face
seeing my disguise
all I’ve ever known floating out the fucking door again

Disembodied kids
telling me why I
telling me that I won’t amount to anything at all

tearing at my face
hiding my disguise
all I’ve ever known knocking on the fucking door again

won’t I ever see
the other side
i know that I am something more

warding off the ghosts
that hide in my mind
they’re all that I have ever known